Q Is it true that if I subscribe to the Residential Security Package that any females.teenagers or QAP,s in my household can be picked up from local stations and bought home by HANS GLOBAL

A Yes that is true - if you are one of our members we will bring vulnerable members of your family home after midnight - just call our membership 24 hour response number and we will meet them from the train.

Q Is it true that OAP,S can recieve the Residential Security Package free of charge

A Yes that is true - as soon as 1000 members in a designated area sign up then all OAP,s over the age of 75 will get the Residential Security Package for free 

Q Does everyone have to pay to join the scheme

A No you are welcome to join the Residential Security Initiative for free by registering at the top of the HANS GLOBAL website however if you want to take advantage of the Residential Security Package then you will have to pay.

Q How do i register

A Just go to the top of the Website and click on REGISTER

Q How do i sign up for the Residential Security Package

A You can do this in 3 different ways as follows

  • Click on the Residential Security SET UP button at the top right hand corner of the website
  • Click on CONTACT US and express your interest
  • Call us by telephone  - number can be found under Contact Us