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HANS Global - Protect Yourself Against Corporate Espionage

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Information and the safe guarding of information are the cornerstone of any company's effective commercial foundation.

With the diversity of channels available for communication, we have potentially left the door open to unscrupulous competitors with variety of areas where information can be stolen for competitive gain. As technology has developed, so has the ability to penetrate and eavesdrop on your company's commercial planning. Access to this valuable information could give your competitors an unfair advantage. 

You invest time and expenditure in building your company and its knowledge. You should also consider expending a little time and expenditure in protecting and assuring that knowledge stays safe within your company. 

We use the latest counter surveillance electronic equipment to seek out listening and transmission devices and would advise that you consider bi-annual checks on a number of areas, to include:

  • Meeting rooms and venues where high level board meetings are held
  • Senior management and support staff offices
  • Server rooms
  • External meeting environments and rooms

Company decisions, including potential business expansion, new designs and products & new acquisitions, are all areas of interest to competitors. They provide a lucrative financial source to the potential eaves dropper giving a potential insight into your company's strategies, target markets, financial figures and any other in house discussions that could be invaluable to a competitor, whether that be a business or a sports team.

Information in the wrong hands could give your competitors the edge.

We provide an holistic security approach to your business, reviewing existing measures, providing confidential and impartial security advice supported by the option of deploying counter surveillance measures to thoroughly check your premises and business, to minimise the threat of corporate espionage.

Please call HANS Global to arrange a discreet and confidential meeting to discuss the options and services available to your business.

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