Employers are required to set out their approach to managing risks within the workplace, this should include a clear statement of who is doing what.

A comprehensive Risk Assessment ensures that the employers response in managing risk is appropriate to the risk. 

All organisations must carry out a risk assessment identifying the risks to employees, sub contractors, other workers, clients, members of the public and anyone who comes into the organisations premises or uses its services. [1] 

They must then draw up a health and safety scheme setting out a programme to reduce the risks or to minimize the negative impact if they do happen 

At Hans Global we have the qualified professionals who will vist your premises and carry out a full Health and Safety Risk Assessment which will completely identify any Health and Safety issues that you may have.We will also provide a Full Report and Action Plan that will ensure that you are exactly where you should be in relation to Health and Safety.

[1]  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Health_and_Safety_Executive