HANS GLOBAL are proud to launch the new Residential Security Initiative.

We believe that the time has come to provide our residents a security service that they deserve - here are the main reasons why.

  • Burglary incidents on the rise
  • Slow Police Response - although our Police are the best in the world they are being hampered by poor legislation and cuts in resources
  • Pensioners unsafe in their own homes - bogus officials and street robbers highly active with no regard for our OAP,S
  • Young mainly female teenagers vulnerable late at night
  • Street Robbery - on the increase - violent street robbers involved in mobile phone and handbag thefts
  • Criminal Damage - residential and commercial property at risk from vandals
  • General breakdown in attitudes towards residents and their property.

Take advantage of our Residential Security Package and receive the fantastic benefits to give you peace of mind or just Register for further information.