We can assist businesses and high net worth individuals protect their reputation and integrity through the conduct of discreet investigations and the provision of integrity management solutions.

We can draw upon staff who have proven skills and ability in corporate investigations and we work with our clients on clear and defined solutions to help deter and address wrong doing.

We will gather information and evidence, to assist with recovering losses and maintain our client’s reputation.

  • Specialist surveillance team who can work individually or as a full team to meet the requirements of any surveillance or counter surveillance (this would include stalkers or fixation threats) challenge.
  • Discreet investigations, including missing persons, gathering of confidential information and asset protection enquiries.
  • Penetration testing, whereby we can send a team or individuals to visit your premises and test the security integrity of your establishment.

You can be assured that Hans Gobal operate with complete integrity and the utmost discretion, delivering on agreed strategies and timelines, reporting our findings in confidence to only the most senior levels of your organsiation.