SIA Close Protection Course

We have launched the Hans Global Training Academy because we genuinely want to give back to anybody who wants to work in the Security Industry our extensive experience of working in over 50 cities around the world with the highest sports teams and individuals on the planet. We also operate in the Middle East with several high ranking members of the Qatar and Saudi Royal families.


We aim to provide a range of World Class training courses that will enable candidates to be equipped with a fully stocked arsenal of experience and qualifications that will give them the edge and the resources to achieve the highest standards and opportunities. To operate as a Close Protection Officer you should be looking to be the elite and at Hans Global we will take nothing less. To be the best and join this relatively small group around the world You need to be trained by the best and make the correct investment.


By taking the course and achieving the standard required this could open up doors for you within the sporting world. You could get involved in Operational Security Planning for major sports events ranging from the Olympic Games to the World Cup or work within different sports such as Football, Athletics, Cricket, Tennis and more in various roles including Consultancy, Team Security or Stadium Management.


Don’t be second best – look at this opportunity seriously.
Are you ready for the challenge?


“Worked for you guys on and off since 2013. I have worked in many security companies around the globe, and for many high profile clients,  but the professionalism and unity that Hans Global offers is second to none. It uniquely develops teams no matter what their background to work as one. They have the knack of combining ex military guys and highly trained civilian operatives to work together, which creates teams full of respect and knowledge to deliver world class services. Thoroughly recommend this company if you want to enhance and showcase your skills in high level security tasks.”

Kind Regards,
Nick Howard

You will be taught by world class instructors

You will receive unrivalled crucial training based on our experience travelling with and providing security protection to the England and Brazil teams all around the world.

You will deal with realistic real world scenarios to test your soft skills as well as hard skills

On successful completion of the course you will be added to our “live” HG database and we will work with you to ensure you make the right connections to have a successful career as a CP operative around the world.


  • SIA Close Protection Qualification
  • FREC-Advanced First Aid Level 3 training course
  • Hans Global Airbox Training Course
  • Surveillance Training
  • Security In Sport
  • Security Advanced Driving-Introduction
  • Introduction to Firearms
    Krav Maga
  • Basic introduction
  • Assistance with SIA License application


  • Roles and responsibilities of the close protection operative
  • Threat and risk assessment
  • Surveillance awareness
  • Operational planning
  • Law and legislation
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Close protection teamwork and briefing
  • Conduct reconnaissance
  • Close protection foot drills
  • Route selection
  • Close protection journey management
  • Search procedures
  • Incident management
  • Venue security
  • Avoiding conflict and reducing personal risk
  • Defusing conflict
  • Resolving and learning from conflict
  • Application of communication skills and conflict management for security guarding and close protection


3 weeks intensive training

Fully residential-21 days accommodation


Pickering, North Yorkshire Moors


The assessment is via a series of practical assessments and a multiple choice question paper.

With 21 days accommodation